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A day in Patong destination 

Living in Phuket offers a completely different lifestyle than any other parts of the world. When it comes to Patong, it is even more relaxed, yet lively.

Imagine waking up to the calming sound of the waves, locals walking up and down the streets in their pace starting off the day, preparing for another eventful one.

Get out of your bed that has brought you heavenly joy, a night’s sleep you will never forget. Step into your spacious shower to begin your morning ritual, without hurry, worry or fury, just pure, happy thoughts. Let the water and luxurious toiletries refresh your body and mind after the long sleep.

Stepping out from under the rain shower, wrap yourself around with the soft, fluffy towel and get ready for your favourite breakfast.

Is there a better way of starting the day than sipping a good cup of coffee or drinking freshly extracted juices? Your day has just begun and you are already the happiest person on Earth. Had a lovely bite of delicious Thai and western breakfasts to be ready for another busy day of exploration.

There are so many things to do in Phuket and Patong, you do not even know where to start. Go on a tour to visit the Big Buddha and enjoy the beautiful view of the shore and Phuket Town, the colourful old town? Visit the beach and get a little extreme with parasailing and jet skiing? Maybe visit the surrounding islands and go on a breathtaking snorkelling or diving tour? Do a little shopping in the busy town centre? Or get really active and go on a zip line adventure?

Though call, maybe today just rest a little and head back to the pool of your resort, lay down on a sunbed and enjoy a coconut. Yes, it sounds to be a great way to rest out yesterday’s day at the elephant sanctuary.

Hungry again? Order a lovely meal from the restaurant, this time something light, a pizza?

It was a great choice.

Resting out lunch, it is time to do something. As you walk back to your suite to pick up our wallet, you realize there is a spa on the 2nd floor. Maybe that’s the something you were thinking about. Have your best massage in Phuket to then head upstairs for a drink. After making the most difficult choice of your day, you get a delicious daiquiri accompanied by the most beautiful sunset in your life.

Evening plans? Another though decision. Would you like to watch a Muay Thai tournament? Maybe eating and shopping at the night market in Patong? A chill walk on the beach lit by the moon?

“Well, it is all very tempting, but I will just stay on the rooftop and enjoy the warm hospitality of Swissotel Resort Phuket Patong Beach.

Another good call, have a lovely meal along with a invitingly mocktail and enjoy the night breeze, soothing little noises that come with the beautiful night view of Patong.

It was a long but not at all exhausting day. It is time to retire to your home away from home. Enjoy sweet dreams tonight is going to bring.

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Swissôtel Resort Phuket Patong Beach
48 Ruam Jai Road, Patong Beach, Kathu, 83150 Phuket
Tel: 66 76 337 000
Fax: 66 76 337 070

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